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Transforming your paving challenges into successful solutions

Ingevity provides products and technologies that purify, protect and enhance the world around us. As a global asphalt technology provider, Ingevity designs sustainable solutions to solve your most challenging problems. Whether you’re looking to select the right emulsifier, learn about sustainable warm mix asphalt, or increase recycling, our team of experts can help.


Pavement Preservation

We provide an array of pavement preservation products that eliminate many traditional asphalt heating, mixing and transportation demands – saving time, energy and money, and ensuring product and worker safety. Our technical team matches the right emulsifier and design to your materials and conditions to create quality, high-performing emulsions that grow your business. We offer a full range of specialized cationic, anionic and amphoteric emulsifiers with additional, custom-formulated specialty additives.


Evotherm® Warm Mix Asphalt Technology

Evotherm, Ingevity’s revolutionary warm mix asphalt (WMA) additive, is an alternative to traditional hot mix paving, delivering proven performance at the lowest production temperatures. This WMA technology offers exceptional advantages to asphalt contractors and road-building engineers. Evotherm is easy to use, has proven performance across the globe, and saves money.

What can Evotherm mean for you?

  • Lowest-temperature WMA
  • Reduced odor and emissions
  • Improved workability and compaction
  • Long hauls
  • Cold weather paving
  • Eliminate lime and antistrip
  • Higher RAP/RAS mixes
  • Fiber-free SMA and OGFC
  • Longer-lasting roads


Learn more about our products at

Nynas is a different kind of oil company
Our business is specialised oil applications – we use oil to create sustainable value.

At Nynas, we are continually developing bitumen and its functional performance in a wide variety of applications.

Our customers are seeking long-term, cost-effective solutions that are based on functional needs. These needs require bitumen products that meet varying end performance demands. In close cooperation with our customers we have aligned our products to meet these challenges. This is what we call Performance Programme.

As part of Performance Programme, we have developed ReSolution – a way of highlighting products that allow our customers to reduce temperature, reinforce durability and reuse material.

We also use our vast expertise to make your bitumen work safer. We do it by continuously developing our handling methods and transportation practices through a range of activities and initiatives.

Our more than 90 years’ focus on bitumen has earned us the reputation of being the “bitumen specialists”. Or as we say: We add knowledge to the mix!

To find out more, visit our stand. Or visit us at, Twitter: @nynasbitumen or LinkedIn: nynas-bitumen

At Repsol Asphalts we are committed to manufacturing environmentally-friendly products that are in line with the search for to neutral environmental impact with safety criterio.

When you choose Repsol asphalts, you get so much more. These are the highest quality products backed by the Repsol guarantee. An integrated and global energy company operating in more than 90 countries in the areas of exploration, production, refining, distribution, and marketing. Providing millions of people and businesses all over the world with more efficient, responsible, and innovative energy solutions.

Trustworthy products based on a careful selection of crude oils, our bituminous binder production process includes rigorous quality control, which guarantees that these products fulfill national and international specifications. Repsol Asphalts works within a complex management system that includes quality (ISO 9001), the environment (ISO 14001), and safety (OSHAS 18001), as well as CE marking.

At BASF chemistry has always been an enabler for innovation, providing solutions to the needs of our society, such as climate protection, mobility and nutrition. Through science and innovation, we enable our customers in every industry to meet the current and future needs of society. As the world’s leading chemical company, BASF has the expertise and experience to improve the quality and processing of bitumen and asphalt in a unique, innovative and customer-oriented way.

We are honored to support the 7th E&E congress as silver sponsor and to discuss with you our solutions for the asphalt industry.

ExxonMobil, the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, uses technology and innovation to help meet the world’s growing energy needs. ExxonMobil manufactures and markets bitumen products throughout the world. For decades ExxonMobil has been a reliable supplier of quality products by maintaining high product integrity from crude selection to finished bitumen.

ExxonMobil’s winning proposition is to “consistently deliver quality products and services to our customers through integrated, customer focused team of trusted advisors by leveraging our production, technology and logistics capabilities”

How do we do this?

  • ExxonMobil operates a refinery & terminal network to serve as an attractive supply base around the world,
  • ExxonMobil continuously works to optimize and develop innovative supply chain solutions by leveraging customer’s logistics capability,
  • ExxonMobil deploys industry leading technology, aiming to create product differentiation, integrity and consistency,
  • ExxonMobil ensures supply predictability within crude purchase and production decision window,
  • ExxonMobil’s dedicated team of asphalt experts is there to support you – offering expertise and advice on product applications and creating a lasting
    cooperation to bring benefits to your business.

Visit the ExxonMobil booth to meet with your dedicated representatives and learn more.

Building the Future of Mobility with Kraton:

We would like to invite you to our booth, where you will find videos and information about Kraton’s products and technologies, designed to make better pavements.

Please join us on Wed June 16 at 11:00 CEST when we will host an immersive video presentation on the:
Why? How? and What? – Highly Modified Asphalt.

If you are interested in hearing about innovative research, please consider the below sessions:

– the poster session in which we will present four posters
– session B5 for a presentation on safety aspects of PMB
– research on HiMA of our industry partners

Our team is looking forward to meeting you virtually at the conference!
Thank you!

ORLEN Asfalt is a member of ORLEN Group and one of leading bitumen providers for road applications in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. From October 2012, ORLEN Asfalt owns the Czech company ORLEN Asfalt Česká republika, which now covers around 72% of the domestic demand.

As ORLEN Asfalt Capital Group, we supply paving grade bitumens, polymer modified bitumens, higly modified bitumens and industrial bitumens, from five production plants located in Poland (Płock, Trzebinia), the Czech Republic (Pardubice, Litvinov), and Lithuania (Mažeikiai). In the year 2018, as part of the bitumen segment of ORLEN Group, we achieved the highest sales of 1.45 million tonnes while delivering our products to 44 countries around the world, including 20 in Europe.

Puma Energy Bitumen is one of the largest global suppliers and modifiers of high quality bituminous road binders. With an unrivaled supply chain, rigorous quality management and high performing products, we support our partners and customers across the globe to deliver better performing roads.

Our global technical expertise ensures that we always add the maximum value to our customers’ projects. We are dedicated to R&D and our passion for innovation and sustainability ensures we stay at the forefront of industry developments. Our Technical Centers in Melbourne and Cadiz provide industry leading services from product sourcing through to bitumen formulation, production and application.

We continue to invest significantly in the capacity across our network of storage terminals and manufacturing facilities and in our bitumen shipping fleet. We now have more than half a million tonnes of global bitumen storage capacity across 28 locations and are the largest bitumen ship owner in the world by carrying capacity. Combined, our assets, expertise and global footprint ensures we are the strongest end-to-end supplier of top quality bitumen into the global bitumen industry.

At Puma Bitumen we are going further for better performing roads.

With almost 100 years’ experience, Shell Bitumen is the world’s leading supplier of bitumen. That’s why we’re the partner of choice of over 1,600 customers across 28 countries. We supply enough bitumen to help resurface 450 km of road every day. Our wide range of innovative bitumen products is designed to help meet the challenges of road, roofing and airport sectors, alongside specialty and industrial applications. We have an unrivalled track record in innovation and our specialty applications for coloured asphalt, energy efficiency, odour minimisation and underwater adhesives have set the industry standard. Explore our specialist product pages on

Dynasol Group is a JV between KUO and Repsol and is one of the world leaders in Synthetic Rubber and Rubber Chemical markets a production of 500,000 tons per year.
We produce solution polymers such as SBS, SEBS and SSBR which are highly used in applications such as Asphalt modification for paving and membranes.
Due to the outstanding performance of our materials in the asphalt industry our Calprene and Solprene brands are recognized worldwide.
The compiled expertise of more than 25 years allows us to innovate alongside with our customers to meet current and future demands.

At J. Rettenmaier & Söhne Group, we have dedicated ourselves to the research, development and processing of high quality, organic fibers derived from natural and sustainable raw materials.

Our fiber expertise, application know-how and innovations gave us the reputation being the number one reliable partner for the asphalt industry for more than 30 years. VIATOP® pellets – our fibers with bituminous coating and additives inside – for decades have been the benchmark for fiber additives delivering the best quality and functionality for modern asphalt concepts. Together with sophisticated road construction experts around the globe, we developed the innovative VIATOP® plus. A wide range of pelletized fiber additives for various additional functions enhance the properties of the final mixes.

Get ready for the future – asphalt 4.0 with VIATOP® Das Pellet.

Kao Chemicals Europe S.L., with over 40 years of experience, develops and manufactures surfactants that improve the durability and lifespan of newly constructed roads and highways, as well as products and innovative technologies used for the preservation of pavements. Kao products are mainly bitumen emulsifiers, anti-stripping agents and special additives.

At Kao Chemicals asphalt laboratories, we implement our experience daily to continuously improve our chemical formula. Our R&D and Technical Service give our customers the most suitable formulas and advice for the best working solutions.

Rosneft is the third largest petroleum refinery company in the German market, with the processing capacity of around 12.5 million tons of crude oil per year. Rosneft Deutschland GmbH, a Rosneft subsidiary, is responsible for supplying company’s shares in German refineries PCK, MiRO and Bayernoil with crude oil, as well as for the distribution of petroleum products.

Production and marketing of a wide range of bitumen products is one of the key business directions of the company. Along with the most popular sorts of road construction bitumen, Rosneft Deutschland offers Rosneft proprietary polymer-modified bitumen Alfabit from 3 locations in Germany.

The Wax Division of Sasol Chemicals is the leading specialist in innovative wax technology, offering customers wax products of the highest quality.

Over 20 years ago SASOBIT was introduced to the asphalt industry. Since then, more than 100 Million tons of asphalt mixes have been modified with SASOBIT and SASBOBIT REDUX around the world. We offer:

  • enhanced workability
  • improved process reliability
  • increased stability
  • extended service life
  • earlier traffic release
  • temperature reduction (Warm Mix)
  • less fumes and aerosols

Meet us at our booth and talk to us to find out more. Find more information on


Sripath Technologies® develops, manufactures and markets innovative additives, such as, rejuvenators, oils, and polymers to enhance the performance of bitumen for paving and roofing applications.

Established in 2006, Sripath’s team of industry veterans have a track record for cutting edge innovation and an excellent suite of products and sustainable solutions.

On the morning of Wednesday, June 16, 2021, please join us for our session on “ReLIXER®: A Key Market Leader for RAP Rejuvenation”.

Our worldwide network of agents is available to provide outstanding technical and customer support.  In Europe, our agent is EUROCHEM.  Please visit our website

TotalEnergies is a broad energy company that produces and markets energies on a global scale: oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables, and electricity.

We are a European bitumen producer and marketer with more than a dozen production units (refineries and specialty plants), over sixty valid Bitumen patents, and an extensive library of related industry publications available. The company is developing a wide range of high-performance products to help our customers reduce their environmental footprint. Bitumen recycling and performance longevity is central to our sustainable development strategy, so we are investing in new concepts and technologies, to allow us to improve the sustainability of pavements.


Zydex innovative Silane & Polymer chemistry for asphalt mixes and soil bases enable construction of durable pavements.

ZycoTherm dosed bitumen binders (all types) enable production of moisture resistant asphalt mixes at lower production temperatures and paving at sub-zero ambient temperatures. These asphalt mixes have no odour, do not stick to equipment surfaces and is friendly to crews.

Terrasil & Zycobond mixed in soils enable construction of water & frost resistant, high strength, dimensionally stable soil bases.

Nanotac added to cationic bitumen emulsion gives higher inter layer bond strength and moisture resistance with reduced tracking even on moist / dusty surfaces.
Zydex continually innovates for sustainability to offer solutions that help conserve resources for future generations.