The mission of the European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA) is to be the trusted voice of the European asphalt paving industry. With 37 Members and Associated Members, EAPA already represents the majority of the asphalt pavement industry and engages in asphalt road construction and maintenance in the whole of Europe. EAPA and its mission is to remain the acknowledged contact point for its members, other industry organisations, and of course the European Institutions. Being based in Brussels at the heart of the European Union, EAPA already represents its members successfully at the European level.

European Asphalt Pavement Association – EAPA
Rue du commerce 77 – B-1040 Brussels – Belgium
E-mail: info@eapa.org – Website: www.eapa.org

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Eurobitume’s mission is to promote the efficient, effective, and safe use of refined bitumen in road, industrial, and building applications throughout Europe. They aim to provide clarity on technical and health & safety issues, and the creation of a positive environment for sustained bitumen demand based on the highest performance standards.

Eurobitume – Boulevard du Souverain 165 – B-1160 Brussels – Belgium
info@eurobitume.eu – Website: www.eurobitume.eu

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