Since this year the congress will be held virtually, you will need to submit your ePoster through a link that will be provided to you by the Congress Secretariat via email from Mid-April. This email will be sent to the corresponding author or the author that has been indicated as the presenter of the poster.

Submission deadline will end on 12th of May. All relevant information will be provided in the email where you will be given access to submit your files.

Please note that at least one author must be registered by the time designated by the Congress Secretariat for the poster to be included in the Congress proceedings and ePoster Gallery during the virtual congress.

In addition to your final poster, this year you can add an audio file with a brief description of the content of your poster. This audio file must be submitted in mp3 format (the system will not save other formats) and can not exceed 5 minutes of length.

Before creating your poster, please note that there is an Official Template that you can download here.This template is already set up with the right sizing and technical requirements:

  • All posters must be prepared in English.
  • Create your ePoster in power point. Please find attached here the Congress ePoster template.
  • ePoster set up.
    • The file must only have 1 page.
    • File size must be under 10 MB.
    • Orientation must be landscape
    • Animated images and animations are not permitted for e-Posters and will be non-functioning.
    • When you insert urls, Images, Photos, Tables, Graphs please use simple copy-paste, and do not use embedded documents – the system does not support embedded files (audio or video).
    • Please do not use symbols or special characters (ie. +/-@).
  • You must submit your ePoster in PDF file. No other formats will be supported by the platform.
  • Font size. We recommend using a font superior to 16 pts for the correct display of the content. Try to avoid using fonts inferior to the ones included in the congress’ official template, including the texts in graphics and figures.
  • Font type. We recommend using Arial, Tahoma or Verdana.
  • We recommend using a light, plain background and colours that will contrast against it.
  • Make sure they have enough quality so they can be displayed properly when zooming in.
  • Name of the file. Please, name the file you will submit with the ID of your paper (i.e. poster0123.pdf)


If you have any questions regarding your ePoster, do not hesitate to contact the Congress Secretariat at

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